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vKVM Library

This library allows for easy interaction with the graphical user interface of the vKVM project.


  • set pixel color
  • respond to keyboard/mouse events
  • get/set text to be drawn


Use the installation script provided in the Scripts repository to install the full package.

Installing a single component is currently not supported.


Include this library with

set(LIB_PATH "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/../relative_path_to_library_folder")

add_executable(your_client ${SOURCES} ${HEADERS})

target_link_libraries(your_client ${LIB_PATH}/lib/liblibrary.a)

in your CMakeList.


#include <vkvm.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    if(argc != 1) return -1;
    int pid = std::stoi(argv[0]);

    setPixel(10, 10, Color::black);
    setPixel(10, 20, Color::red);